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of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp, found shot four times, police said. reeva steenkamp, a cover girl, lost to graduate, was set to give a valentine's day talk about empowering women. instead, her family spoke about her. >> she had her life cut short and she's with the angels. >> the world is used to seeing oscar pistorius as the fastest man on no legs, making histo, but now he is emotional, the keys and in jail. >> he will have to stay in jail until his bond hearing next week. questions were raised about mistaken identity, and is it possible that reeva steenkamp could have been mistaken for an intruder. police emphasize that that information did not come from them. >> covering the nation, police confirmed the chart the names found in a burnt cabin in california are in fact christopher dorner. the identification was made through dental examination. the former lapd officer engaged in a deadly shootout with deputies before the cab and went out -- up in flames. he was on the run before police found him hiding in a remote cabin. >> now, your insta weather plus forecast with meteorologist
, reeva steenkamp, who was shot to death in his home. abc is reporting she was shot four times. >> she was always willing to listen to you, give you advise. >> it doesn't feel real yet. >> some neighbors are reeling, others are interviewed by police as witnesses. there are reports of an argument or shouting the scene home, and the two were the only ones there. there is no sign of forced entry and police have been called to the house before for allegations of domestic violence. early local media reports hinted oscar pistorius may have mistaken reeva steenkamp for an intruder but police say they have no evidence of that. (inaudible). the investigation is ongoing. we don't know where this report came from. >> reeva steenkamp was one of 100 sexiest women in the world two years running and a law school graduate. on twitter she posted messages urging women to stand up against abuse and yesterday this, what do you have up your sleeve if your love tomorrow? >> reeva steenkamp was a great, fun presence of a person. >> oscar pistorius 8 appear in court at 9:00 tomorrow morning in south africa lo
reeva steenkamp. authorities say the 26-year-old pistorius shot steenkamp four times early thursday morning at his home. pistorius a double amputee make olympic history when he computed in the summer games on his carbon fiber blade legs. what is the very latest on this investigation? >> at this moment, oscar pistorius is making his way to the courthouse. this will be the first moment that he will officially face the charge of murder. it's such a far cry of how he was viewed in this country and around the world a few days ago. his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp this was the hollywood version of a power couple. as the hours move on and as details emerge, the scenario what took place in his home on valentine's day is appearing to be much more disturbing. oscar pistorius covers himself with a coat as he makes his way to the magistrate's court in south africa where he faces a charge of murder. this comes after he spent valentine's day being questioned by police, subjected to standard blood tests and after a night spent in jail. it's an incredible fall from grace from grace for the man dubbe
dead reeva steenkamp at his home. the hearing has been put off until tuesday. here are live pictures from outside the court. waiting to catch a glimpse of pistorius as he lives -- as he leaves. cameras are not allowed in the courtroom. >> olympic runner oscar pistorius arrives at magistrate court after spending the night in police competency -- in police custody. police say they are investigating a case of murder. >> at this stage we can confirm that a young woman did die on the scene of gunshot wounds. a 26-year-old man has been arrested and has been charged with murder. >> my name is reeva. >> she was 30 years old, a law graduate, and a well-known model. >> at the end of the day, we will all know the story, the true story, and must never forget what reeva stood for. she loved people emma she loved everybody. -- she loved people, she loved everybody. >> in south africa it is going to damage his image because he is so famous. it definitely will affect him. >> i think his opinion will come out very soon and we will hear the whole story because now the facts are dodgy so we do not know
that came out this morning, the victim in this case, his girlfriend reeva steenkamp who was a model had actually taped a reality show. and it is set to actually premiere i believe this weekend. are they still going ahead with that show on television? >> reporter: this is also rubbing a lot of people the wrong way, ashleigh. yes, reeva steenkamp was a cover model. he was an aspiring tv star, similar to what you have in the u.s. and the program she shot in jamaica last year, young people wearing bikinis and frolicking around. the producers of the show say they will go ahead with plans to air the program it airs tomorrow in south africa. preceded by a tribute to reeva steenkamp. let me just read to you what the executive producer said, samantha moon, she said the reason they're going ahead with this because is reeva was a beautiful and intelligent woman. it's unimaginable what her family is going through. they've lost their 22-year-old daughter in what was a horrific crime and now they have to watch her on this show beginning tomorrow. >> thank you for keeping an eye on the story for us. r
for the model of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. they are gathering evidence from his sprawling home. from south africa with the latest. >> once proud olympian weeped as the judge announced that he would be charged with premeditated murder. police say that cover model girlfriend was shot four times through a bathroom door with a .9 millimeter pistol. major newspapers report the first neighbor on the scene found pistorius trying to revive reeva steenkamp. >> they say he mistook the girlfriend for an intluider. they issued a statement the alleged murder is disputed in the strongest terms. nicknamed the blade runner, he was the first double amputee to compete at the olympics and an inspiration around the world. fans say they believe the shooting must have been a horrific accident. ex-girlfriend tweets, i have dated oscar on and off for five years. not once has he ever lifted a finger to me, made me fear for my life. police say they have responded domestic disputes at the home before though not saying it involved reeva steenkamp. a 29-year-old law school graduate whose modeling career was taking off
the shooting we are learning more of the victim, 29-year-old reeva steenkamp. this is video of her. she was one of the 100 sexiest women in the world for two years running. her twitter account says she is a lawsuit school brought and model, and she was an entrepreneur who cared about empowering women and scheduled to give an inspirational talk at a school today. her boyfriend, south africa olympic runner, oscar pistorius, has charged with killing her. she was fund shot to death in his home this morning. police recovered a pistol there. investigators say oscar pistorius and reeva steenkamp were the only two in the house. police say there have been previous incidents of allegations of domestic violence the scene home. there are unconfirmed reports he mistook reeva steenkamp for an intruder but police say they were surprised to hear that theory. (inaudible). there have been allegations made that he shot she was a burglary but those allegations did not come from us. >> these are new pictures of oscar pistorius taken just now as he left jail headed for court. the appearance is scheduled for this aft
involving olympic star oscar pistorius. it is identified as 29-year-old reeva steenkamp, pistorius's girlfriend. >> a 26 euros man has been arrested and charged with murder. >> the home did not appear to show signs of forced entry. the couple was the only two people home. there have been previous incidents at the home but would not give -- but police would not give details. witnesses told them they had heard a couple arguing earlier. pistorius rose to fame during the london olympics last year when he became the first double amputee to run in the olympic games. he was in internet -- his girlfriend was described as lovely and ambitious. >> i work with her to shoot magazine features. she was a bikini model. >> pistorius was seen leaving the police station earlier. his spokesman says he is assisting the police with their investigation. police say they found a gun at the scene of the crime. we should find out more details when pistorius makes his first court appearance tomorrow. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> breaking news from capitol hill. republicans are planning to block chuck hagel
girlfriend, 30-year-old model reeva steenkamp. it's not clear what led to the shooting, but police had received calls in the past about issues and his home. >> the d.c. council will look the police department's handling of sexual assault cases. discuss ambers will by the human rights group. it's a sexual assault victims getting the response they deserve from the police department. there have been several sexual in northeast since august. today the council will also requests toding hire additional police officers. >> looking at business news, the warnsortation department automatic spending cuts could make your summer travel miserable. >> the irs is telling the early birds waiting for their tax to be patient. linda bell joins us from bloomberg headquarters in new york. good friday morning to you. >> the same to you. if you did file your taxes are ready, the best bet is to check the evening or even on the weekend. the irs website and smartphone app are being overwhelmed with people. the agency says the systems are updated once a day. overnight. even then, it will only tell you whether the
-year-old reeva steenkamp this morning inside his home. they report he may have mistaken her for a burglar. police say they've been called to the home in the past for domestic disturbances. pistorius is expected to appear in court tomorrow. >> he made history at the london olympics being the first amputee runner. >>> the passengers on the broken down carnival cruise ship is waiting to be back on land. they are expected to arrive in mobile alabama tonight. randall pinkston is waiting at the port. >> the terminal has been scrubbed clean for the arrival of the disabled ship. it's expected to be towed into the port of mobile this evening. 3,000 passengers, 1,000 crew are on board. many of their families waiting anxiously in mobile. >> we came the see our girls. >> they drive drove 8 hours from luf kin, texas to pick up their daughters on the ship with their dads. they said the girls have been crying. >> mommy i'm so scared. momny, i don't know -- momny, i don't know what to do. she's been on six before. >> a fire knocked out the ship's power on sunday. since then passengers say
being identified as a model reeva steenkamp. police say pistorius was taken into custody after the shooting earlier today. it happened at his home at the complex and the country's capital. authorities stated she had been shot multiple times. pistorius made history last year at the london olympics became the first double of you to render to compete on the track at the games. this video is coming in of the store is being transported from is known to the police station. he is expected to be in court right now. several south african media outlets say they oeneus mistaken her for a burglar. we will give you more informations as soon as we get it. we will be back as the kron4 morning news continues. they're waiting for the car will try of which has been disabled. they're trying get those 4000 passengers who were dealing with horrible conditions off the ship. >> the warrant but it's amber desire hathaway, 3 g capital to buy-ins for $28 billion including debt. we're seeing hineses stock jumped up and trading. new this morning, american airlines and u.s. airways have announced they will
oscar pistorius, he's charged with killing his model girlfriend reeva steenkamp on valentine's day. the reality show is still set to premiere tonight in south africa. listen. >> i'm talking mansions, butlers, sparkling turquoise waters of jamaica. welcome to tropika island of treasure. but paradise is not all that it seems. >> earl barnette joins us now on the phone. and her family is speaking out about this horrible loss. what are they saying? >> well, the family is understandably grieving. and they're wanting privacy from the media during this very difficult and tragic time for them. they won't be appreciative of the fact that the producers behind tropika island paradise five are going ahead with plans to air the reality show, premiere it today here in south africa and continue to do so for the duration of the program. now they have said they intend to precede the program with a tribute to the 29-year-old former cover model who was killed on valentine's day in the home of oscar pistorius. but still, many here in south africa are wondering if it's inappropriate considering this hi
shock. >> reporter: his upscale home where girlfriend reeva steenkamp was found dead is still taped off. she was reportedly shot four times through a closed bathroom door with a gun owned by pistorius. early reports suggested that the hero athlete thought he was shooting an intruder. south africa has one of the highest violent crime rates in the world-- 40 murders a day, on average. millions live in gated communities with panic alarms and guns. last november, pistorius tweeted that he mistook the washing machine for a rosh and went went into full combat recon mode into the pantry." prosecutors say this was murder, not a mistake. while pistorius has not yet entered a plea his family insists the evidence will show otherwise. >> we have no doubt here there is no substance for the allegations. >> reporter: reeva steenkamp 29 was on the verge of super stardom in south africa, a successful mod wela new reality tv show that aired tonight. the producers decided to go ahead, despite her death. the family agreed, even as they plan her private memorial. uncle mike steenkamp: >> i can't see the fam
girlfriend reeva steenkamp at his home inpetoria. he has been in court today for a bail hearing. we have more. >> reporter: oscar pistorius makes his way to the court as he is charged with murder. he spent the day questioned by police, subjected to standard blood tests after a night spent in jail. it's an incredible fall from grace for a man dubbed the blade runner. born with a disability that left wimp without legs below the knees, oscar pistorius would overcome incredible odds to become the first double leg amputee to complete in the olympics. a stabbedout star of the london games last year. nike signed him, as did oakly and a british telecom, seen as a stellar example of perseverance. now all of that is in question. in the early morning hours, police responded to calls from pistorius' neighbors that mult he pelt shots were shot in his mansion. his new girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, found dead at the scene, sustaining multiple gunshot wounds. she was shot four times through a bathroom door. pistorius is the prime suspect. the blade runner's billboards are being removed around johannesburg. an
girlfriend, and model, reeva steenkamp. it happened at pistorius' upscale home in pretoria, south africa. amanda davis is a cnn international sports anchor and she has interviewed pistorius. she's covering the developments in london. what more do we know, amanda? >> hi, ashleigh. i can tell you that oscar pistorius has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend. he's set to appear in court in pretoria in south africa on friday morning. this all happened very much as we were waking up here in london. reports of a fatal shooting at the house of the 26-year-old oscar pistorius. initially there were reports that it was perhaps a valentine's surprise that had gone horribly wrong, that pistorius woke to what he thought was an intruder and shot that intruder dead. the police, it has to be said, have said they don't know where those stories have come from, so throughout the course of the day, it was then confirmed that it was, in fact, pistorius' girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, as you said, who was shot and killed. and then it has emerged it is pistorius who has been charged with her murder. >>
of 30-year-old model reeva steenkamp. neighbors reported hearing screaming at the house before the shooting. he made history last summer, becoming the first double amputee to run in the olympics. >>> also this morning, a milestone in afghanistan. it's been nearly a month since an american service member has been killed in that war. the afghans themselves are now doing most of the fighting ahead of the planned u.s. pullout next year. a ground breaking trend in the ultraconservative country, female soldiers are being trained in the special forces. that country says we're going to be on our own, all hands on deck because this truly becomes an afghani issue. president obama announced that 34,000 troops will come home by this time next year, which was a faster exit. and all troops shout out of there by the end of 2014. >> that is as planned. he was clear and specific in this timeline. we've had some vague timelines in the past when it was president bush and even president obama at the beginning of his administration. so it's good to hear they're coming home and we're going top a com
murder. local media quote police, saying his cover model girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, was shot four times through a bathroom door, with a 9 millimeter pistol. major south african newspapers reports the first neighbor on the scene found pistorius trying to revive steenkamp with cpr. >> future has been cut short. she's with the angels. >> reporter: prosecutors dismissed reports pistorius mistook his girlfriend for an intruder. in his defense, the pistorius family issued a statement, saying the alleged murder is disputed in the strongest terms. nicknamed the blade runner, he was the first double-amputee to compete at the olympics. and inspiration to many around the world. >> oscar pistorius is really flying here. >> reporter: friends say they believe the shooting must have been a horrific accident. ex-girlfriend jenna edkins tweets, i had dated oscar on and off for five years. not once did he raise a finger to me. police had responded to complaints at the home before. but they are not saying if they involved steenkamp. a law school graduate, whose modeling career was taking off. steenkamp co
. a policewoman said that he and his 30-year-old girlfriend reeva steenkamp or in the house and there had been previous incident at the house. she was shot several times and confirmed dead at the scene. the suspect is expected to appear in court in the coming hours and is being charged with murder. live pictures from the compound where he lives in pretoria. it is a gated community where mostly wealthy people live. access to the compound is controlled by a security guard. here's what the police said a short time ago. >> we confirm there was a shooting incident this morning at the home of the well-known paralympics applebee's oscar pistorius. - athlete. a young woman died on the scene of gunshot wounds. a man has been arrested and charged with murder. he is headed for a medical examination and will appear at the magistrate's court at 2:00 this afternoon in pretoria. we had reports of an alleged break-in where the young lady was mistaken as a burglar. the forensics investigation is ongoing. we're not sure where that report came from. our detectives have been on the scene and the investigation is
at his home in south africa after police found the body of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. investigators say she was shot four times inside the home. they also say there had been previous incidents of a domestic nature at the home. she had a modeling career, law degree and was about to em bark on a television career. >> she was a great fun, presence of a person. i worked with her shooting magazine features. >> the day before she was killed, she tweeted she was excited about valentine's day. >>> an elementary school in the east bay is closed today due to a homicide investigation. sal castanedo has just spoken to the victim's father. he joins us live now. good afternoon, sal. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. hillside is closed. just on the other side of the fence police say an 18-year-old was killed. we just spoke to the victim's father and he had stuff to say to us a few moments ago. alameda county sheriff's deputies say foster was shot in the bock multiple times at about 9:00 last night after -- in the back multiple times at about 9:00 last night after he was hear playing dice with peo
reeva steenkamp was found this morning. he became one of most famous athletes if the world. dubbed blade runner because of his high-tech prosthetics, he is a double amputee. a spokeswoman confirmed previous reports of domestic disturbances at his home. >>. [ inaudible ] >> i'm not going to elaborate -- [ inaudible ] >> the prosecution says pistorius will appear in court tomorrow morning. the story, you might recall, he won two gold medals and a silver medal at the olympics in london. >>> coming very close to shore now, those passengers are finally getting cell service and we are seeing more images from inside the crippled vessel. we have a live report as the ship is coming home. >> plus, set lord of the rings and is finding they are cred precious in the world of science and astronomy. meet the man who is literally finding new moons. a story that will make the bay area proud. >> and politically charged flash mob. inside after bay area prison. we talked to the man who started it all. >> and good afternoon. i'm jeff live at at&t park where the giants stepped up to the plate to give a little
not come from us. >> the dead woman has been identified as reeva steenkamp, a well-known south african model. their relationship and their careers rarely out of the headlines here. >> she was a really vibrant personality and other really wicked sense of humor. the fact that she was so beautiful, it was there, but it was not the main thing. she was a really great person. fun to hang out with. >> the murder has stunned south africa. >> it is difficult to take it all in. >> oscar pistorius was taken to the hospital for a full medical examination p -- medical examination. in the morning, he will be taken to court. prosecutors are expected to argue that he should not be granted bail. he has had a remarkable life. he was born without bones in his legs. they were amputated. however, he proved to be an exceptional athlete. in london last year, he competed against able-bodied runners come up a watershed moment in sports. his friends say his extraordinary career has taken its toll. >> i believe success and money has changed a lot of people. for me, personally, oscar did change. i think he became
's fine, guys. >> the victim was reeva steenkamp, a law school graduate, and a famous south african model. hours before the shooting, she tweeted her excitement about valentine's day. >> she loved people. she loved everybody and it was her heart that went out. >> the applause still rains down on oscar pistorius. >> the story is a story inspired many. born with a congenital condition, his legs were amputated before his first birthday. he was fitted with prosthetics and started running on the beach right away as he told nbc's mary carillo. >> i remember saying something to my parents along the lines of my footprints are different. and they said no, they're just better. >> he was terrific. so soft-spoken. it was the thing i noticed about him, even before i noticed that he could do so many things without legs. very modest, very self effacing. >> reporter: nbc's rohit kachroo is in pretoria. >> reporter: south africa has one of the highest violent crime rates anywhere in the world. and it's not unusual for wealthy people to live in homes like these, gated communities with high walls and electr
, reeva steenkamp was found shot four times. police say pistorius is the only suspect. he made global headlines just last summer and was nicknamed the blade runner because of his prosthetic legs. his bail hearing is set to get under way at any moment. police say they will oppose bail. >>> medical examiners have positively identified the body of former los angeles police officer, christopher dorner. his charred remains were found in that cabin in big bear. dorner was i.d.'d through dental records. he died tuesday after a shoot-out with police, followed by a fire in that cabin where he hid for many days. >>> pope benedict's decision to step down came as a surprise to many people. but it wasn't the only thing the pontiff kept under wraps. the pope injured himself during a visit to mexico last year. think also say he has a pace maker. and three months ago, he underwent an option to replace the battery. and a monastery on the vatican has been remodeled. >>> there's new hope for thousands of americans with a specific form of vision loss. the fda has approved the first-ever artificial eye fi
africa. is facing murder charges after the shooting death ofpolice say, model reeva steenkamp was shot four times early this morning in south africa. pistorius gained world wide fame because of his high- tech artificial legs. and his participation as the first double- amputee track athlete to compete. the authorities say, there have been recent problems involving pistorius, including quote - "allegations of a domestic nature." a court date is planned for >> gary: coming up all your sports coming up and lebron james. coming up later. >> and if you like today? another gorgeous day. how long this pleasant weather will last the four big changes coming up in the next seven days. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet.
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. here's abc's bazi kanaany. >> reporter: oscar pistorius and reeva steenkamp were one of the world's hot couples. think david and victoria, or brad and angelina. but now, the paralympic superstar runner is accused of murdering his bombshell covergirl on valentine's day. >> paralympian oscar pistorius has been arrested for allegedly killing his girlfriend. >> reporter: early thursday morning, neighbors in his exclusive gated community heard commotion and gunshots. >> at this stage, we can confirm that a young woman, a 30-year-old woman did die on the scene of gunshot wounds. a 26-year-old man has been arrested and has been charged with murder. >> reporter: police say steenkamp was shot four times with a nine millimeter pistol. the murder shocked their fans around the world. >> this is almost incomprehensible because oscar pistorius wasn't just someone celebrated for his feats on the track. he is someone who is celebrated as a humanitarian, as a trailblazer, as a champion of the disabled. >> reporter: and reeva's career was just taking off. the perfect combo of beauty and brains, the law g
pistorius is behind bars. he's accused of shooting his model girlfriend, reeva steenkamp inside his home, a crime prosecutors said was premeditat premeditated. he walked into court with his head bowed and broke down in tears. they have given few details other than she died of multiple gunshot wounds. earlier reports speculated she might have been mistaken as a burglar. >>> squandering her entire fortune, mauereen o'connor embezzled the money set up by her husband's foundation, former jack in the box restaurants. now the 66 yearly is in quite a financial hole, saying she will repay $2 million she took from a charity and gambled away. she blamed an addiction to video poker and a brain tumor. now with the weather, bim karen -- bill karins is here with the weather. >>> the reason it's so nice in the west, typical flip-flop thing. when we see the big trough in the cold air in the east, a ridge and warm-up. that's the case this upcoming weekend. so watching some frigid arctic air from the north poll, hudson bay, eastern u.s., watching the jet stream do a dip, not nice warmth in the northwest.
not allowed inside. yesterday morning, his girlfriend, 30-year-old model, reeva steenkamp, was shot and killed inside his home. early reports were oscar pistorius mistook her for a burglar but police say neighbors her noises before gunshots were fired and they say there were previous domestic incidents at house. >> the agony is over for 4,000 people on a crippled cruise ship or finally back on land and headed home. the shipped docked in mobile, alabama, and people excitedly disembarked kissing the ground glad to be back on land. it too some passengers several hours to get off the ship after a fire disabled the ship leading to overflowing toilets and food rationing. more from the passengers live from alabama in the next half hour. >> in antioch a 14-year-old died after being hit by a car trying to cross the street. it happened the scene intersection of hillcrest avenue and hidden glenn drive at 6:45. the girl was airlifted to the hospital but did not survive. the driver is cooperating and it does not appear they were drinking or speeding. >> students will return to hillside elementary school in
on thursday, after police said that he fatally shot his girlfriend reeva steenkamp four times. >>> police have given few details about the case other than to say that steenkamp died of multiple gunshot wounds. >>> billion-dollar bettor. the former mayor of san diego is in quite a financial hole and she'll repay $2 million that she took from a charity and gambled away. her lawyers said that over the years the 66-year-old bet more than a billion dollars at casinos, squandering her entire fortune. >>> now, here's your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. ann romney sent out a tweet with good news. lucky me, with craig and mary's new twins born today, i become a grandmother of 20. congratulations to them and to the happy grand parents. >>> secretary of defense leon panetta is still on the job, attending ceremonies and waiting for members to confirm his successor chuck hagel. >> the second best valvalentine day present would be allow us to get out of town. >> president obama went to georgia to promote his education agenda and spent some quality time with preschoolers. he was als
accused of the valentine's day murder of his stunning cover model girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. police say that, at about 3:00 a.m., steenkamp was shot four times with a 9 millimeter pistol, possibly this one recovered from inside pistorius' home, in a heavy-guarded luxury estate. local media speculated he had mistaken steenkamp for a burglar. but investigators have another theory. >> previous allegations of domestic -- >> reporter: pistorius has been arrested for assaulting a woman before. and neighbors say the estate has surveillance video showing steenkamp entering the night before, and not in the early-morning hours when she could have surprised pistorius. >> at the end of the day, we will all know this story, the true story. but must never forget what reeva stood for. >> reporter: as a family, grieves the loss of a young woman they call generous and loving, the billboards featuring an international role model are coming down. and his fans are waiting to learn how a hero -- >> now pistorius begins to fly. >> reporter: -- ends up here. oscar pistorius is back in jail. he will return to
in the courtroom yesterday. his girlfriend, 30-year-old model reeva steenkamp, was shot and killed inside his home. the statement if his family this morning says they dispute claims the oscar pistorius murdered his girlfriend. >> people who turned in guns in marin county and got vouchers can get cash now. the county ran out of cash but the shortfall is covered by private donations. the marin board of supervisor and the city council, so if you received a voucher you can redeem it for cash, today, at friends of marin center room until 8:00 tonight. >> we are headed to holiday weekend and mike nicco has the forecast coming up. >> pretty warm already. now a look at the sunshine. it wasn't impeded by the cloud cover we had yesterday so we are off to the races with record highs possible today. if you are working today, tomorrow, we will do it again and cooler weather through the holiday weekend and update you on tuesday's rain. >> also, the link between drinking and cancer deaths, a warning for anyone who >> daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> new this morning, a wa
. the defendant sobbed in the courtroom yesterday. his girlfriend, 30-year-old model reeva steenkamp, was shot and killed inside his home. the statement if his family this morning says they dispute claims the oscar pistorius murdered his girlfriend. >> people who turned in guns in marin county and got vouchers can get cash now. the county ran out of cash but the shortfall is covered by private donations. the marin board of supervisor and the city council, so if you received a voucher you can redeem it for cash, today, at friends of marin center room until 8:00 tonight. >> we are headed to holiday weekend and mike nicco coming u. >> pretty warm already. now a look at the sunshine. it wasn't impeded by the cloud cover we had yesterday so we are off to the races with record highs possible today. if you are working today, tomorrow, we will do it again and cooler weather through the holiday weekend and update you on tuesday's rain. >> also, the link between drinking and cancer deaths, a warning for anyone who >> daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> new this morn
and cried as he was charged in the murder of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, and his family says he opposes the charges strongly. >> he used to revel in the limelight, but he arrived in the courthouse in pretoria today, a frenzy of media interest in the fallen hero. relatives and friends. his twin and his sister. the packed court room himself. hear, the glamorous couple at the heart of the trial. was it a terrible accident or a murder? the police displayed as evidence this pistol. the television cameras were switched off in court as pistorius arrived, and he broke down, sobbing, when they announced the charge of premeditated murder. in a statement issued by his family, he insisted that the alleged murder is disputed in the strongest terms. "our thoughts and prayers should be for reeva and her family regardless of this terrible, terrible tragedy." they say they need more time to prepare their defense. it will be postponed until next tuesday. more controversially, it was decided instead of going straight from here to the local prison, he can return to the relative comfort of a nearby police s
from elected leaders. >> a reality television show featuring oscar pistorius' girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, has aired on south african tv two days after she was shot dead. the series was filmed in jamaica several months ago. south africa state broadcasters say the first episode is dedicated to steenkamp, shot four times at her boyfriend's home on thursday. olympic runner pistorius denied killing her. his uncle gave a statement about the case. >> as you can imagine our entire family is devastated. we are in a state of total shock, firstly about the tragic death of reeva who we all got to know well and cared for deeply over the last few months. after consulting with our legal representatives, we deeply regret the allegations of premeditated murder. we have no doubt there is no substance for the allegations and that the state, including its own forensic evidence, strongly refutes any possibility of premeditated murder. >> it was unexpected and spectacular in equal measure and now more than 24 hours after a meteor came fro
as "the blade runner" is accused in the death of his girlfriend, 30-year-old reeva steenkamp. she was found shot to death inside pistorius's home yesterday. in a statement, he disputes he murdered her in, quote, the strongest terms. however, prosecutors are expected to file additional charges including premeditated murder. >>> the san bernardino county coroner has positively identified the remains of christopher dorner, the ex-los angeles police officer linked to four southern california murders. the id was made official yesterday with the help of dental records. law enforcement cornered him in big bear on tuesday. the cabin caught fire. >>> in an hour a south bay man will face charges for allegedly threatening to kill a state senator as the bomb squad goes through his santa clara home for the fourth day. anne makovec reports from the house where investigators are making progress. >> reporter: yes. but they still have more searching to do. considering all the dangerous materials that have already been found in this home on humboldt avenue, the
. with family nearby, oscar wept as he was charged. model reeva steenkamp was found shot to death thursday morning at pistorius' home in a gated community. he's become a national hero in south african for his performance in the summer olympics. the story has told the new york times, he owned a 9 millimeter pistol and was prepaerd to two use it at his house but that alarm turned out to be false. >>> as always, let us know why you're awake. shoot us an e-mail or tweet me at bill karins. >>> still ahead on "way too early" -- a rematch of last year's championship game. kevin durant and the thunder try to stop a red-hot lebron james and his miami heat. >>> plus a flashback to 1996. don't adjust your tv. jerry seinfeld tried out his new material on david letterman's show. [ whirring ] [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. the f sport. savor and explore, s a t
reeva steenkamp. ppramedics werretryinggto rrvive steenkamp -- who as - shot muuttple timess-- when police arriveddon the scene. africaado not áofficiallyá name suspectssii crimes uuttl but a pollce spokesperson sayyspisttrius - thheshooting.... and -3 there are noá ooher suspeccs involved.beukes aas::"i an confirm thaa there has & the home of mrr oscar pistorius."reporter sks: 3 "i'm not goinggto elabbrateeon been incidents."reporter asss: nature." some llcal meeia outlets arr reporring ppstorius may have istakenn steenkamp foor n innruder.... - and accidentally shot her. bbukes says: "we're not sure where this report came froo, it definitely didn't come from 3 servicee" rann sayy "..piitorius' court hearing was originally scheduleddfor thursday afternoonn....but hass & been postponed until work. in nnw york,,elizabeth prann, fox news." 3 an article... last yeer... in &pthe new york times magazine... dessribedd 3 to search his home.../ &p when hiisalarm went off,.../ tte... night ábefoorá
his dpoif, reeva steenkamp inside his home early yesterday morning. >>> following our big story this morning, thousands of stranded cruise ship passengers are back on solid ground after nearly a week at sea. >> passengers aboard the carnival ship triumph arrived in mobile, alabama late last night. sheri lee is in the newsroom. this must be such a relief to the passengers, i must imagine, and their families. >>reporter: you can bet that sarah and wisdom. some passengers, even as the ship was coming in were chanting let me off, let me off, and, of course, they were cheering as the ship pulled in as well as their family members who were waiting. it did take four hours, though, to get everyone off, and this morning many of those people are in hotels, or on the way, thankful to be home. the carnival cruise ship triumph arrive inside mobile late last night. more than 4,000 people on the ship endured five days aboard the powerless ship when an engine room fire occurred. you can see them kissing the ground there, cheering, powerless aboard that ship
's day. the woman he is accused of murdering was his girlfriend, a model of reeva steenkamp. they had been together since last november. they were the ultimate celebrity couple in south africa. >> she was a really vibrant personality and had a really wicked sense of humor. the fact that she was so beautiful was there, but she was a really great person. >> oscar had a tragic start to life. he was born bornfibula bones in his lower legs -- born without fibula bones in his lower legs and there were amputated. he received high performance limbs and became a legendary paralympic athletes, winning gold in athens. this summer in london he competed against able-bodied athletes in the olympics. some friends say this global success changed him. >> he did change. from the guy that he was 12 years ago to a good guy that he is now, he became a very different person. >> prosecutors are alleging that the superstar athlete committed premeditated murder, 40 would face life in prison if found guilty. -- for which he would face life in prison. >> we join our correspondent at the courthouse in pretoria,
. the 26-year-old arrived just hours after his arrest. he fatally shot his model girlfriend reeva steenkamp who was struck four times. no word on bail but prosecutors are expected to request that he stay behind bars. police have given few details about the case other than to they steenkamp died of multiple gunshot wounds. early reports speculated she might have been mistaken for a burglar. >>> the former mayor of san diego is in quite a financial hole and shed she'll repay more than $2 million that she took from charity and gambled away. maureen o'connor embezzled the money set up by her late husband, the found of jack in the box restaurants. the 60-year-old gambled more than $60 billion. >> for the weather, bill karins is here. do you do meteorite coverage as well? >> no, but i'm fascinated. i'd love to see shooting stars. i can't imagine a scene they saw in russia. we have rain in areas of florida. going to be another rainy day. nothing like severe nothing flooding but will cause you some trouble on the roads, especially driving on the highways from family, tampa, south of orlando. the ot
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